What I’m Talking about when I Talk about Running


I picked up this short biography at the airport in Tokyo and I found it very stimulating. I enjoyed Murakami’s many links between running and writing – some quite profound. I also like his no-nonsense writing style. And this book has definitely inspired me to run more!

I think anybody who is interested in either running or writing might enjoy this book, but for people who are interested in both, I definitely recommend it.



1Q84 – The Final Page


When I reached the final page of 1Q84 – page 925 – I felt very satisfied. IQ84 is a rich tapestry of themes and genres. The fact that you never really know where it is going in terms of style – when realism turns to magical realism turns to sci-fi turns to a love story turns to fantasy turns to whodunnit – you constantly have to revisit what you read earlier.

This was an intelligent and well written novel, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading. And kudos to the translator! Never once did it read like it was a translation. In fact, when I saw the Japanese version of the novel at the Book World bookshop at the Dubai Mall, I had to open it to make sure there actually was a Japanese version in print.