Dan Brown is still preaching the Gospel of Atheism with evangelical zeal. I know this should put me off, but it doesn’t because he’s got interesting, fast-moving plots, and you always learn something new. Which is certainly true about his latest novel Origin. The tone is, as always, quite preachy, and it’s not really an option to question the presuppositions of Professor Robert Langdon or futurist Edmond Kirsch. Well, not until you come across a few lines suggesting doubt, lines that seem to have been thrown in at the end of the novel as an afterthought. In terms of plot versus character, plot wins hands down. However, one interesting and perhaps somewhat complex character that pops up in this novel is Winston. Look out for him. Or it. Weaving in quite a lot of details about contemporary art is a fresh angle that I really enjoyed as well, and there are some recent scientific theories that will peek your curiosity enough to start googling between chapters. In other words, this is a fast-paced plot-driven storyline that makes Origin a novel difficult to put down.


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