The Racketeer as Audiobook 


My idea was to try listening to an audiobook for a change while running in the morning – instead of my usual mix of Paul Simon, Rodriguez, 1 Giant Leap and Enigma. When The Racketeer by John Grisham popped up in the newly acquired audiobooks section at the college library, I decided to give it a try. 

I loved this book!  To begin with, I enjoyed the story unfolding bit by bit while running my 3.5 km each morning. The American narrator did a good job bringing the book to life, and after a while I was looking forward to the next bit of the story as much as my morning run. 

About mid-way through the novel, with the first unexpected twist, I ended up listening to the story after I got back home post-run as well – instead of turning on the news. I guess that’s what happens when a page turner is delivered in an audio format.

I do recommend this novel if you’re looking for a good story set in a prison/law courts/crime context. Unexpected twists keep coming, especially towards the end, and to me, it was a very satisfying read (I mean listen!). Perfect pool reading for the summer break.



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