Life of Pi


I started reading Life of Pi on my flight to Istanbul in November last year, only to forget the book on the plane. And, no, AirArabia did not have it in their lost-and-found the following day, so maybe another passenger read it. I hope they enjoyed the book!

When the movie was about to be released, I bought an iBook version of the novel for my iPad and started reading it again. However, when I finally saw the film this week, I had only reached Chapter 9, so the film is sort of interrupting the book, and I can’t really compare the two until I’ve finished the book.

But I can say this. This is a great novel to read as an iBook. I’m very busy using the highlighter function to remember all these wonderful lines I keep stumbling across. Like this one: “It was my luck to have a few good teachers in my youth, men and women who came into my dark head and lit a match. ” (Chapter 7) Combining this quote with the scenes of Pi leisurely reading Dostoyevsky and Camus by the sea in the movie makes me think that the novel and the movie might be equally good.



Red Notice


I’ve read one of Andy McNab’s books before but didn’t particularly like it very much. Anyway, when I saw Red Notice at Dubai Airport a few weeks ago, I thought I’d give him another chance. The cover suggested an interesting plot, and being in a holiday mood, I wanted a fast-paced spy thriller for the plane and the beach.

Having read it, I can’t say it grabbed me. The action is very detailed, which is not surprising considering Andy McNab’s professional background. There’s nothing wrong with his gritty, fast-paced style; but something is missing. Maybe the plot is a bit too polished, and the characters a bit flat.

I think I stick with John LeCarre, Robert Ludlum and Frederick Forsyth. Red Notice would probably make a good movie, though.