The Siege


The Siege by Simon Kernick caught my eye at a Heathrow Airport bookstore just before boarding a plane to Tokyo. I enjoyed it in a sort of I-need-a-book-I-can-enjoy-by-the-pool sort of way, though I think the blurb was actually more interesting than the novel itself. Or, I should really  rephrase that,  the novel offered few surprises beyond that which was hinted at in the blurb.

Post 9/11, you really need to include some totally unexpected and highly surprising twists and turns if you are going to keep people’s attention when your main characters are terrorists with Middle Eastern connections. Reality has far outstripped fiction in this sub-category, and I don’t think what’s hinted at in the blurb of this novel is really what you get when you read the whole book. Though there are some decent surprises.


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