The Missing Shade of Blue


The Missing Shade of Blue

I saw The Missing Shade of Blue by Jennie Erdal reveiwed in the Economist the other week. When it said it was about a translator and messy relationships – along with lots of references to Hume, philosphy and linguistics – I decided instantly that this was a book for me. I popped into the BookWorld in the Dubai Mall and there it was on the shelf! Living in the UAE, it’s not always easy to lay your hands on a newly reviewed book, but this time I was lucky. Not many minutes elapsed between me reading the Economist review on my iPad and paying for the book.  The BookWorld is quickly becoming my favourite bookshop in the UAE.

I’m on page 86 at the moment and I’m not disappointed. I love the writing style. It’s subtle, ironic, with understatements and quirky details. For example, a university librarian at the National Library in Edinburgh has a cough that is a “perfect trochaic tetrameter”, matching the Shakespeare line “So awake when I am gone; for I must now to Oberon” – except that it is “one cough short”. This is exactly the kind of observation that makes a character interesting.

Now, I’m waiting for the relationships to get messy.


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