Still Reading 1Q84


I’m still reading 1Q84 by Murakami. It is quite a while since I read a book that I really looked forward to reading in the evening after work. Like, “Good, it’s 4.00 PM. I can go home and read 1Q84!” Why? Well, there are lots of good books out there, with interesting plots and great characters. What’s different about 1Q84 is that I’m constantly intrigued by this novel. Where is it going? What kind of novel is it really? For the first three hundred pages it’s kind of normal realism, with a few quirky details. But then it suddenly changes a bit. Is it magical realism? I love magical realism and Garcia Marquez, but that’s not it. Is it sci-fi? Well, not really. Anyway, I’m now on page 614 and I’m still not sure what genre this novel is. What I know is that I really want to find out what will happen next to Aomame and Tengo, and that I love coming home from work to read some more.




I picked up a copy of Murakami’s novel 1Q84 at ¬†Hong Kong Airport a couple of months ago, but with 925 pages it’s taking me a while to read it (I’m on page 467 right now).

The style of the first few lines caught my attention and I decided to buy it. It’s amazing how much you can learn about a new novel by reading the first couple of paragraphs, and I’m very glad I bought it. My guess based on the first paragraph was correct – it’s a great novel.

The story about Tengo and Aomame is slowly developing, with a great deal of mystery weaved into the plot. In fact, I’m still not sure exactly what kind of novel it is, which makes it very intriguing to read.

We’ll see how long it takes me to finish it.